Monday, February 18, 2008

POP SMOKE & PRAY | Frank Barry Smith

Frank Barry Smith, now retired and living in Washington state, served as a combat medic in the Vietnam war. This collection of poetry--written mostly while in Vietnam--chronicles first and foremost the friendships made and lost during war time. "I have made friends and lost them / in ways more quickly than some / but less than others..." Smith writes in "THE MIDDLE," ironically the book's final poem. POP SMOKE & PRAY is a book of memory, a book of fear, a book of observation, a book of confusion and youth and a time that seemed to go at lightspeed while the long days still dragged into even longer nights; but, most importantly, POP SMOKE & PRAY is a book about love and its ability to remain and be found in the worst situations. Frank Barry Smith studied poetry under Philip Levine, Robert Mezey, and John Logan.

POP SMOKE & PRAY is 58 pages, 6" x 9", and printed on cream interior paper. For now you can purchase this book thru PayPal in the sidebar.

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When the blades stopped turning
and the turbines spun to silence
the word came down the weather
and the weather came down
from the black hot sky
and sifted the ground
through slits
in the wind-bowed tent walls
where we waited
listening to A.F.V.N.
on the portable radio
without light or air power
while the anchored choppers rocked
and the war stopped
for the moving air.


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STUPID BIRDS | Logan Ryan Smith

STUPID BIRDS is a perfect-bound volume collecting together my chapbooks, long poems, and a couple singular poems written between 2004 and 2006 (with some slight revision done recently on this final version).

The cover art and design was done by the artist/ writer, Matthew Arnone. STUPID BIRDS is 164 pages, 7.44" x 9.68", and perfect-bound, with white interior paper (55# weight) and a 90# coverstock. It's a book with some size and weight to it.

If you'd rather not buy this book thru PayPal, you can go thru Amazon or

The TOC is chronological, and as follows:

Logan's Lyric (august 2004)
ghosts spiders &dogs (september 2004)
red apple falls (november 2004)*
Childish Poem or The Welcomed Beating (november 2004)
this is affront you pig (january 2005)
Where I Came When I Was Married (february 2005)
into the fall (february 2005)*
NARCISSUS 2000 (march 2005)
MUCH LIKE YOU SHARK (august 2006)

*These two appeared in the first dusi/e-chap kollectiv as 2 poems from the bottom of the barrel..


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TRANSMISSION BOOKS was created as an extension of TRANSMISSION PRESS, a chapbook press, to publish longer books. TRANSMISSION BOOKS will solely use POD (print on demand) technology to release all books under this imprint. Thru the use of POD services TRANSMISSION BOOKS hopes to give space in the printed world to books that may have never seen the glue that binds.

Like TRANSMISSION PRESS chapbooks, this imprint hopes to be a place for the more under-represented poets in the community.



All titles can be ordered thru PayPal in the sidebar. If you'd rather not buy thru PayPal, you can try Amazon or other online distributors, or you can order by sending a check made out to Logan Ryan Smith here:

Logan Ryan Smith
711 Leavenworth St., #35
San Francisco, CA 94109

Be sure to send the appropriate payment and indicate which title you are ordering.

For a limited time only, if you order a TRANSMISSION BOOK, you can get 2 chapbooks from TRANSMISSION PRESS for free. Be sure to indicate which 2 chapbooks you want when you order.


TRANSMISSION BOOKS will be closed to submissions until it really gets its wheels rolling, but feel free to inquire about submitting at any time by emailing Logan Ryan Smth at loganryansmith AT gmail DOT com. But don't email if you're the type to get all butt-hurt over having yr poetry turned down for publication. Because, chances are, you will send only to have your butt hurt. And there's no crying in poetry.

Secondly, TRANSMISSION BOOKS was created as a way to publish great books as affordably as possible. This means that if yr book is accepted for publication you will get only 10 - 15 copies (depending on how much money Logan has at the time) sent to you after publication . After that, you will have to purchase all extra copies at-cost.

You should know, too, that Logan is almost always on the verge of being broke.

Lastly, books published thru POD do, honestly, have some limitations. One of them is that it's difficult to get POD books distributed to bookstores. If you want to have yr book in yr local bookstore you may have to do the consignment thing with them, even though all TRANSMISSION BOOKS will have an ISBN-- depends on the bookstore, I guess. Publishing yr book thru an imprint that uses POD technology makes the distribution and marketing aspects a joint venture between the publisher and the author. However, all books published thru TRANSMISSION BOOKS will be available thru all major online book distributors, including Amazon.